Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our Dinosaur

Halloween was so fun this year! We scored on a great (read cheap) costume from Costco. Now, most people would easily identify this as a green dragon - hissing tongue, wings, etc - but in our house, this is obviously a dinosaur to match Owen's current obsession.

Scott did a last minute Target run to see if there were any tiny costumes for Josh, but I guess there's not much of a market for preemie halloween gear. We did get a fleecy "Little Pumpkin" sleeper that Josh will probably still be wearing at Thanksgiving... Here are my two boys in their halloween finest!
I asked Julie if we could bring Owen to trick-or-treat with Hazel in their neighborhood. They took the suggestion and called for a last minute Halloween Potluck. I don't know quite what it says about our friends that with only 24 hours notice, there were over 30 people roaming the house... but man, it was so fun for all the kids and a barrel of laughs for the adults. Among the chaos were a 2-year old bumble bee, park ranger, giraffe, police car, pink pig, dragon, lion, 2 dinosaurs (both named Owen!), and of course, the Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride.

Owen brought Nana and Papa along and Scott and I managed to get out of the house with Josh and over in time for Scott to take Owen trick-or-treating. They didn't get far, but Owen did come home thrilled with his 10 pieces of candy. I love this classic picture that my mom snagged.


SBM said...

Great photos! Such a cute costume on Owen. You look really great!

Colleen said...

Fun! I love the "dinosaur!" We have a little pea in the pod bunting that fits a tiny baby, but only Ben ever wore it. Josh and Tommy were both so new on Halloween that it felt weird putting anything on them. Your Josh is just so teeny in that picture, what a difference four pounds makes :).