Friday, October 16, 2009

Field Trip Updates

Our First Friday Field Trips have continued through the summer and into fall, but my picture taking has certainly slacked off!

July - We visited Big Star Farm to check out the produce and eggs that have been filling our kitchen every week.

August - Our destination was the Deschutes County Fair for their free friday. The kids loved, loved, loved looking at all the animals, but it was scorching hot, so we hunkered down in the entertainment tent for snack and let the kids run all over the stage. Most people go to the fair for rides and crazy food, but 2-year olds have a much different (and cost effective) idea of entertainment. =)

For the rest of August and September, we were having too much fun at the pool on Fridays to plan anything else, but we're trying to get back into it for fall.

This month, we ended up having two outings because we wanted to visit the local Children's Museum before they closed for good and then, of course, you have to go to a pumpkin patch in October. Today, we went to DD Ranch, which is a smaller pumpkin patch/harvest festival, but they still have a petting area, hay rides, random play toys, and tons of pumpkins. When Owen is older, we'll take him out to Central Oregon Pumpkin Company with the giant pumpkin launcher and massive corn maze, but the kiddos were plenty happy this morning.

Two Owens on the old school teeter totter...

Shannon and I were laughing because we took the boys out to the Parks and Rec Fall Festival last weekend and rode the ponies, took a hay ride, and played a few little games. But neither of us wanted to haul pumpkins around, so we steered Owen and Kaden away from the actual field of pumpkins. So today, when we were headed out to DD, both boys were associating "pumpkin patch" with a hay ride through the spooky barn. Today, we made sure to at least let them play in the pumpkin field, but I still didn't have to haul home a pumpkin. (We have a friend that's going to let us have 1-2 of her home grown ones...)

I think we're hunkering down for "indoor" field trips this winter. November and December are always dicey with the weather, but hopefully we can get to the High Desert Museum at least once and start planning more fun spring outings - I'm thinking a fire station tour has got to get on the schedule pretty soon...

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emily said...

wow! how great to have so many outdoor opportunities. the children's museum is closing/closed? sad! keely loved that place, always a "sure deal" on our trips to bend. what a bummer!