Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Big Dig Day

I'm playing a little blog catch-up because I wanted to get pictures posted of the best EVER kids event that Owen and I attended a few weeks back. One of the local childrens' charities held a "Big Dig Day" fundraiser. Knife River is a heavy construction company (the kind that builds roads, bridges, etc), with an equipment yard out in Tumalo. They opened up the yard for the day and for a $5 donation, kids of all ages had the opportunity to climb around and "drive" the dump trucks, cement mixers, excavators, bull dozers, etc.

These machines were HUGE - in some of them, I couldn't reach Owen from the ground and had to climb up in the cab after him. Thank goodness for tons of understanding parents around who were more than willing to let the pregnant mommy pass her kid down to a stranger and help me down the ladder!
Knife River even gave the first 100 kids free admission with free t-shirts and plastic hard hats. They also set up a few huge gravel piles and invited everyone to bring their toy diggers along for some major construction. Throw in a pizza booth and you have kiddo bliss. Too bad it's only a once/year event. We'll be back!


Peg said...

I have often said that if I had the capital I'd open a big sand pit for the big boys (and girls) with working machines. Kind of Disneyland for big kids who still like earth-movers and such. I've only had a little Bobcat in my backyard and it was a blast to move dirt around. Imagine backhoes, bulldozers, would be a blast!
Pretty cool that they let the kids do this though! What fun.

SBM said...

That is a FANTASTIC idea!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh...BOY HEAVEN! I think that is a festival day that needs to catch on out here!

Anonymous said...

Alissa, the pictures are priceless!!! I'm sure Owen had happy dreams that night!!! I still can't wait for baby boy to get here - hurry up!!!! Love, Aunt Tracey