Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Say What?

Owen finally has some words. He's nowhere near the linguist that some of our playgroup kids are, but he's communicating quite well. Mommy, Daddy, Cat, Dog, and bye-bye are pretty clear, but everything else needs to have the right context. See if you can translate Owen-speak:

Ah-pee (hint: finger pointed to the sky)
Ha-cur (said like you are trying to clear your throat)
Huh-sa (whispered)

Uppy = Up, pick me up (this is always in a super demanding voice with arms raised and body draped against my legs)
Tar = Guitar, loves it
Moah = Milk, it took me a long time to decipher the difference between his word for milk and "mo-mo-mo" which means MORE.
Ah-pee = Airplane, a word he mastered in Hawaii
Ha-cur = Helicopter
Be-Be = Binky - some day we will not have this word in the vocabulary...some day
Boobee = Birdie (fairly embarrassing when yelled at the top of his lungs)
Huh-sa = Hudson the dog
Aht = Hat
Cu-kh = Truck

The funniest thing this week is that he is starting to make other non-word sounds - and they are hilarious! He clicks/smacks his tongue to make the "tsch, tsch, tsch" sound we make to call the cats over (and laughs at himself every time). Yesterday he started mimicky the whiny cat noise our cats make before dinner, and he's dead on..."meee-yahhhhwo."

One last "fun with words" moment that Scott usually shares is watching Owen wave and say "bye-bye ba to" (bye-bye bath toys) at the end of his bath. The other night Owen waved and said goodbye to the cat, dog, toys, dad (who was still at work), more toys, and anything else he could see as we walked up the stairs to get ready for be. Maybe he was just stalling...


Colleen said...

Nice! He's doing better than Luke, who still mostly speaks in vowel. I love hearing that voice though. When he really gets a word almost perfect and I can hear what his little voice is going to sound like when he's talking non-stop...I love it. I LOVE Boobee too! How funny! That's like when Zach used to say "Fruck" for "truck." Let me say I got a few dirty looks from other people for that one. "No! He's saying 'truck!' I promise!"

Kimmy said...

It sounds like I'n not the only one having to do some major translating these days. Good thing is Elsie doesn't have any embarrassing words like Boobee. That's great. It's been fun to see her vocabulary expand and kind of start to sound right. Most of the time, though, I have to really listen and think about it.

Cailean said...

How wonderful that you're writing those down! I did that too and our kids get a kick when they hear how they used to say certain words. Love the Boobee thing! Kids should walk around with some sort of hat-readerboard contraption so you can quickly type in what they just said so everyone will know.

Carmen Goetschius said...

So stinking cute!!