Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Things?!

Note: we're on vacation for the next week, so I'm testing out the feature that lets you "schedule" your post for the future. I'm hoping this pops up on Tuesday. While we're swimming in the sun, you can enjoy random facts about me. (Sorry that's not much consolation).

So the "25 things" about me lists have been going around facebook. I've been working on this one a while - maybe I'm just not that interesting - or things keep popping into my head in the shower and then I forget them once I get on the computer. So, after much thought, here is the randomness...

1. I do my best thinking in the shower. I often find myself planning out a new activity, brainstorming through a work project, or rehearsing a conversation in my head at 6:00 in the morning. I use this as my official excuse for why I take long showers.

2. I always, without fail, sleep on my side. Right or left does not matter, but I have no idea how anyone can sleep on their tummy (uncomfortable!) or back (way too exposed).

3. Like Colleen, I am terrified of deep water. If can't see the bottom, that counts as deep. Lakes included. Scuba diving is not on my list.

4. I have a terrible habit of picking my nails and cuticles. Not biting, just trying to work off those rough edges. I'm doing it right now, even while typing.

5. I have very small feet - 5 or 5 1/2 - which makes it increasingly hard to buy shoes. The gal at the Foot Zone the other day told me the average women's shoe size is now 8 or 9. Seriously?

6. I have terrible eyesight. I'm legally blind without my glasses or contacts. Seriously. I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, "Yea, my eyes are terrible, too. What are your contacts -5? -6?" Not even close. Let's try -12.5... I'm just thankful they can still correct my vision at all.

7. I'm not a candidate for LASIK surgery. Secretly (or not so anymore!), I am happy about this because...I am REALLY squimish about eye issues. 15 years of wearing contact lenses has not cured this.

8. I just got a haircut.
9. I love bags and could spend hours perusing ebags.com

10. I do not obsess about shoes or own many pairs. This likely has something to do with #5 above.

11. I think I get paid too much for the job I do.

12. These are my two favorite people:

13. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is hire a house cleaner. The second thing I would do is call a financial planner.

14. I am a wicked fast reader.

15. My favorite authors are Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner.

16. I am an information geek. Internet, magazines, newspapers, books. If there is information in front of me, I feel compelled to read it. Good for knowledge, bad for productivity.

17. I read the newspaper (sometimes two different ones) everyday. My favorite parts of the newspaper are the advice columns and the comics. My dad used to read us Dear Abby in the mornings before school, and it stuck. I actually think it was a great way to talk about values and share advice with us as we were growing up. He'd say, "Okay, tell me what you think about this one..."

18. I eat peanut butter toast most mornings for breakfast. (another thing I picked up from my dad.)

19. When I'm concentrating, I stick out my tongue. So does Owen. So does, you guessed it, my dad!

20. When I was little, I wanted to work at Nordstrom. Selling clothes seemed like a dream come true. That was also the phase when I loved the the Madonna song, "Material Girl" - I thought it was about fabric.

21. I love to cook - I consider it my hobby. Always testing new recipes and adding to our list. Baking? Not so much - the only things I bake are banana bread and break-and-bake cookies.

22. When I was a kid, I used to eat a cheese sandwich every day for lunch. Yes, that's bread, margarine, and cheese. Not surprisingly, my comfort foods still include lots of cheese - and chocolate.

23. I don't like cured meats, and have only recently discovered how awesome bacon can be.

24. I have always lived near the mountains. I feel disoriented and unbordered without mountains lining the horizon. The thought of living somewhere with wide open spaces is a little frightening to me.

25. I love being the mom of this toddler.


Fawn said...

#10 Yes! It's good to know I'm not the only girl out there without a shoe fetish. I have three pairs that are in constant rotation. A few others I wear occasionally but that's it!

Peg said...

Just so 'ya know - yes, it did delay to Tuesday night. So - experiment worked. I do not have a shoe-thing either...due to the opposite issue - size 11 feet. A crisis when I was 15 - argh. If the shoe fits I buy it - sale/no sale! Thus I have a few very very nice pairs of dress shoes that I hang onto for years. Now - athletic shoes - a whole 'nuther thing - I love all kinds of sneaks/hiking boots -- let me at 'em.

Colleen said...

Oooh, yeah, your eyesight is bad! I love them all Alissa! You are a wonderful woman, a great mommy, and have great "just you" personality traits! No wonder I have always liked you so much!

Carmen Goetschius said...

It was fun to read these-- so many amazing Alissa-isms that I would have never ever known! I love this "Dear Abby" idea.... great way to get your kiddos to think about values. And peanut butter toast? Never knew. I am, by the way, a size 8 1/2.... Love to you Alissa!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

what about 25 random facts about owen?

Alissa Maxwell said...

Owen wasn't the one that got tagged! Plus, isn't that what the other posts on this site cover?