Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hawaii Trip

Tomorrow begins a new week, but first we need to enjoy the highlights of our week in Hawaii. We joined my parents at the Ko Olina Beach Club on Oahu. It's an amazing resort with three pools, a man-made lagoon off the ocean, beautiful accomodations, and sun, sun, sun. Tons of families with small children, but it never felt chaotic. The resort is set-up for kids without making them the focus. We would go back in a heartbeat.

Owen loved the beach, the pool, and the pineapple.

Having been to Hawaii before, we really didn't feel the need to explore the island. Instead, our trip was beautifully uneventful and relaxing to the fullest. We did take one morning to drive up to the North Shore to try and show Owen the big waves - total bust. It was windy, spitting rain, and the waves weren't up. Back to Ko Olina, where the "dry side" of the island lives up to it's name with constant sun and 75 degrees.

Our days were basically the same. Leisurely breakfast in our condo, slather on the sun screen and swim suits, morning at the beach, back to the room for lunch and nap time, afternoon at the pool, and evenings playing on the lawn before dinner.

Having a toddler meant we had more downtime than on previous vacations, but we really enjoyed JUST SITTING during naps and after Owen went to bed. We both read tons!

Sharing the vacation with Nana and Papa was also quite a treat, as they took it upon themselves to run Owen ragged. He played so hard that he took a 2 hour nap every day and is probably still recovering. Scott and I also got some time to ourselves and had a nice dinner out at the JW Marriott down the coast.

A few afternoons the wind really picked up and turned Owen into a popsicle after 10 minutes in the water, so we took those opportunities to walk over to the marina and look at the big ships or play ball on the grass. Owen got lots of soccer and football playing with Nana, and even learned how to throw a mini-football with one hand! Step and throw! Lefty!

Our last day was definately the best weather. Calm and 80. We spent the whole day in our swimsuits. Papa and Owen took the morning to build a big sandcastle.

We had dinner outside and got to listen (and even dance a little) to some live music.

Owen was an awesome traveler. Our flight over was a bit exciting, but I'm putting that in a separate post.

The problem with going to Hawaii is that you are never there long enough. "Six days, five nights" sounds like a great plan when you are making reservations, but that sixth day shows up just as you are starting to feel settled. You've finally set all the stresses from work and LIFE aside and have figured out how to just live in the moment and relish the sun, sand, and tropical air when it's time to get packed up and head home.

The problem with taking vacation is it just makes you want to take more vacation.

And in our case (as I'm sure is true with many people), Scott's 10 vacation days a year just don't cut it. At least I get 15 days a year, but that France model (isn't it like 5 WEEKS a year??) is sounding better and better.

We're privileged to have another trip to Hawaii on the books for this spring, courtesy of Scott's parents. May can't get here fast enough!


Colleen said...

Wow Alissa! What an amazing and relaxing trip...and you get to go back! It sounds absolutely heavenly, and I am so there with you on the time thing, although I think no matter how long it is it still feels like not enough! But that's what makes vacations so awesome, I guess!

Colleen said...

Oh, and I love your cute suit by the way! You look great, Mama!

Sara said...

You are making me so restless for a vacation! The three of us head to Arizona in about a month (for sun, pools, golf, and margaritas) and look forward to doing a more "chill" vacation than we usually would. Reading a book while the kid naps sounds marvelous. And then, about a month after that, Hawaii, here we come!! I look forward to sandy, salty kids!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

i'm on a constant vacation, and let me tell you, it gets kinda old.

I am Kate Maxwell said...

nice new background by the way. the falling snow was starting to trip my eyes out a little. and we missed you today. hope you guys are getting used to being in oregon again.

Kimmy said...

Two vacations to Hawaii?! That's just not fair.

It looks like you had a wonderful time. My favorite kind of vacation is the relaxing, reading a book all day kind.