Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Helper

Owen is in what I am calling a "magic helper" stage. He just LOVES to participate and help with whatever we are working on. Yes, it's a pain that he always has to be standing on a chair in the kitchen when I'm cooking, but it also helps to fill our days when we can make a game out of sorting laundry, vacuuming, or cleaning up the toys. He even got his own vacuum for Christmas - one that's red and looks just like mom's. Here's a collage of my pint sized helper in action:

I assume the "magic helper" stage will not last. How long do I have? Weeks, months? I can't imagine him as a teenager running with excitement to the vacuum closet, or shrieking in delight when it's time to sort laundry. =) Although we do have a family friend (Tyler) that grew up loving to vacuum, so maybe there is hope.


Peg said...

Love it - I have a friend whose son was obsessed with vacuums well into school-age. I think it's all about those tools! Make cleaning and helping about the tools and you have them forever :). My young next door neighbor Carter (now 9) has been a sweeper, mower, shoveler since he was old enough to use a handle and he still loves to do these things - just asks for money now :).

Colleen said...

How cute! Definitely appreciate it while you can, but I think when you start off letting them help early, it makes them more willing when they get older and it isn't as fun as it was when they were toddlers.

Cailean said...

I would love to know how you get a teenager to help! I figure someone out there has the trick. It's right around 6 or 7 that I think kids start not wanting to help but I don't think it's personal...they just need more incentive. He is VERY cute!!!

emily said...

keely loves "helping" too. she got a broom, dustpan, and mop for christmas and loves sweeping the kitchen (really just moving the mess around ;) and also standing on a stool and helping cook and getting into whatever eric's working on....sometimes a total pain, but really cute!

Kimmy said...

It is the cutest thing seeing those little ones doing little jobs around the house. Elsie loves to wipe the counter off. Yes, I am hoping this desire to help doesn't go away!

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