Monday, January 12, 2009

Give 10, Toss 10

Since the new year, I've been in "clean out" mode. I think it stems from wanting to get the Christmas clutter (decor, gifts, miscellany) back in it's place. Also, I was recently chatting with my mother-in-law about some strategies for reducing "stuff." She has had 30 years to accumulate stuff in her house, but what's my excuse? Apparently you can accumulate an awful lot of stuff in 3 years as well.

On Sunday, we decided to follow a "Give 10, Toss 10" strategy that I read about on (no, I don't follow Flylady's cleaning schedule - if you saw my house, you'd know - but she has some great ideas). Anyway, the concept is to go into each room with a box and a garbage bag. As fast as you can, find 10 things to give away and 10 things to throw away. It sounds like a lot, but we did the whole house in under 30 minutes. No, our bathroom cabinets are not pretty and organized, but I did toss that apricot exfoliating cream that's been under the cabinet since...before we were married! Come on, did I really pack up and move that stuff FOUR times?

No, all our clutter issues are not solved, but we did toss a full garbage bag of junk, pull together two boxes for Goodwill, and satisfy my need to deal with some of our accumulating piles.
Give 10, Toss 10, Move Fast, Quick Decisions, No Debates, just do it. I feel so much better.

On another issue: I just got a new pair of Dansko shoes. The Mary Jane style in brown. Late Christmas present because I had to try them on and order the right size. Love them! My last pair of brown Danskos lasted 10+ years, so these should stay out of the "Give/Toss" pile for quite some time. =)


Colleen said...

Awesome idea Alissa! Next time I am in a declutter mood I am totally taking that one on! Thanks for the tip!

Cailean said...

I love Flylady! But I also don't exactly follow her all the time..err....ever. But I should! Too late to add to the resolutions list? I love how she can wax poetic about a shiny sink. This strategy I remember reading about and I did it when we lived in our small apartment. It's amazing how much "stuff" we can accumulate!