Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Picture Update

It's getting exciting around our house as Owen is getting more mobile. I wanted to post some of our recent pictures. You can see that he's much happier than that colicky baby we had back in August, September, October. Only gets more exciting from here...

If it were up to Owen, he'd be standing all day long, but mom and dad know crawling is important. We're taking bets as to whether he will crawl or walk first.

That's our happy kiddo! Yes, the bib indicates he is still spewing, but we have high hopes that he'll outgrow it in the next couple months. Today and yesterday were nearly puke-free... (though I'm sure I just doomed myself to a soggy day tomorrow by typing that.)

Busted in the act! Owen loves to play with the hanging blinds.

My two guys.