Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crib Standing

Owen has clearly perfected the art of pulling up from his tummy into a standing position. He just needs something stable to hold onto - coffee table, shelves, your knee, a chair, or as we found out last week, the railings of his crib. It was quite a shock to open the door of his room and see this looking back at me:

Now, he greets us this way after every nap and first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, he's also greeted us that way at 2 AM for several nights, but thankfully the novelty seems to have worn off and our sound sleeper is back.

We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Shannon and Brian for letting us borrow their exersaucer for the next couple months. Owen loves to "walk" circles around the outside while he checks out the attached toys. Plus, I can drop him in it if I need to leave the room, say, to use the bathroom!

Walking around the exersaucer has also made Owen more brave. Once he's standing, he's now creeping along anything solid - even the walls. That's a new one today - he used the exersaucer to sand up and then moved a good 10 feet along the walls to get to me at my desk this morning. And he just did it again... Hello Owen! Gotta go!

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Kimmy said...

What a stud! Elsiw is still holding onto to things to walk. It sounds like Owen is on a roll.