Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Still Sleeping?

Another sign you are a parent: Your time clock and method of accomplishing tasks totally changes. It seems everything I do these days is crammed into the shortest interval possible: Eat lunch standing up; Sort and start the laundry in 30 seconds; Race through the shower; hair dryer? Forget it! Flyby checks of my email throughout the day. All this comes from not knowing how long Owen will be down for his nap. My brain says, "get it done NOW!" no matter what the "it" is. I'm thankful that Owen is relatively routine in his sleep/wake cycles, but I just never know if a nap will be 45 minutes or 2 hours. For the last week, he's been napping for an hour max, but now he's been down for nearly two unexpected hours! (Hence my chance to blog!)

I have really been enjoying my time at home with Owen lately. Now that I know his cues and rhythms, the stress of caring for him is greatly reduced. When he is happy, he is SO HAPPY - squirming, smiling, and kicking his legs all around. (Of course, when he is sad, he is SO SAD, but we're focusing on the positive today!) I love seeing his smile when he wakes up in the morning and watching the wonder in his eyes as he explores the world. Plus, every night we are so thankful for "our good sleeper" who goes down before 8 and only wakes up once for a quick feeding before sleeping until 7. Ahhh... What a kid!

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Kimmy said...

I went through the exact same problem with Elsie. I never knew how long she was going to sleep. Sometimes, though, I would find myself having a hard time starting anything, but I would think she was going to wake up any second. It's so nice now that she's sleeping on a normal schedule. It is a lot better for someone with my anal personality!

I really have slacked on finding a hobby, but I've actually found little things here and there to keep my occupied. Thanks for reminding me. When I get back from my trip I'm determined to start on Elsie's scrapbook.