Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Three Months Big

Last week, Owen hit the three month mark. I cannot believe how fast he is changing. He seems to have grown out of the fussy baby stage that required near constant soothing into a fun baby stage. He is now smiling, laughing, and making all sorts of great noises. I love getting him out of bed in the morning because he is all smiles and so intrigued with looking around the room and out the window. He loves studying faces, watching his mobile, and looking in the mirror. Any day now, he will probably start reaching for toys and rolling over consistently.

Owen still loves his nightly bath. After the bath, Scott wraps him up in the hooded towel and we call him, "Oh Wise Sage - O P One Ka-baby." You know, like Obe One Kenobi in Star Wars? Okay, maybe we are lame, but it cracks us up. Parenting must change your sense of humor...

At 11.5 pounds, Owen is now dwarfing the stuffed dog we use for comparison. No matter how big he gets, I think these first photos will always be some of my favorites.


Colleen said...

I love seeing Owen grow! It is so great that you used that dog because you can really see how much bigger he is getting. He looks so alert and cute! Isn't it nice to move ou into the happy baby stage, I feel the same way.

Peg said...

The one I'm awaiting is the 18th birthday when he's HOLDING the green dog! :)