Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's in the Bottle?

After a particularly good week last week, Scott and I were able to venture out for a more "normal" Friday evening. We went to dinner at the Bend Brewing Company and then walked around downtown Bend for the monthly Art Walk (businesses stay open late and display art from local artists). Owen did great at dinner and crashed asleep in the baby carrier as we wandered around downtown. We took this photo especially for Grandpa Jeff, who asked us to promise we'd never take our baby to a bar... Thankfully, we make a big distinction between the four breweries in town and a bar. You can't truly live in Bend without enjoying a good burger and a micro brew.

Getting Owen comfortable in the front pack is a great milestone. It lets us be more mobile and he sleeps better in the pack than in his stroller. This week I've used the front pack to grocery shop, attend a United Way fund raising kickoff, and this morning took our dog for a long walk. Those that have met Hudson can imagine the challenge of talking him for walks while pushing the stroller. I've been doing it for the last 6 weeks and I wish I had video...

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Kimmy said...

Those baby carriers are the best. He looks so cute and cuddly in it!