Thursday, September 20, 2007

A messy problem - update

How are the meds working? Well, we would have no idea because Costco Pharmacy seems incapable of recording our prescription. Seriously, our Dr faxed it in on Monday night, the nurse called it in on both Tuesday AND Wednesday. Yet each time we call or visit Costco, they have no record. You have got to be kidding me! How hard is it to log the info in the computer? The kicker? When Scott stopped in on his way home from work, the girl at the counter said "yea, we've been watching for that prescription all day." Um, our nurse had called 3 hours prior. I guess they're not watching very closely.

How do you feel about that one Owen? That's right, we are transferring all our prescriptions to Safeway.

On my end, if giving up cheese seemed bad enough, we realized last night that the LITTLE piece of dark chocolate I eat after each dinner is MADE WITH MILK. Duh! The sad part is that the lactose free diet might be working. Much less spewage these last couple days. No Cheese or Chocolate? I must be crazy... or just a mom who loves her kid.

If you look close, you can see the baby vomit on the outside of my sling... Nice.


angie said...

no cheese or chocolate? tough. atleast you can use this later when he's older right? "don't you know what i sacrificed for you...?"

Shannon said...

Costco is STILL having problems? Switching to Safeway is a good move. They have been having fax problems for months now.

Phyllis said...

Raia had a terrible spit up problem until I started taking extra B vitamins. That might not be what Owen needs, but it worked like magic for us. Even when she was a year old and eating table food, if I skipped a day with the B vitamins, she would throw up my milk.