Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This was my Facebook Status on Sunday, and I thought it was worth repeating here. No wonder I am feeling a little exhausted and feeling quite behind at work...
"February for our Family of 4: double ear infection, fever, allergic reaction to antibiotics, hypersensitivity from allergy that looks like the plague, 3 new teeth, stomach bug, runny noses on overdrive, lip bitten through (no stitches!), head lice at daycare, and itchy eyes that had better not be pink eye! How many more days in this month?"
Though apparently we are in good company. The church we've been attending offers "Soup Night" every Wednesday. It's a free meal for families in the church (we can all use a night off from cooking!) and an outreach to the community. The ladies that cook do an amazing job and are really creative in putting together a different menu every week of the school year. Anyway, I just got an email that tomorrow's Soup Night menu is "Everyone is Sick Chicken Soup" and they're including a "Drive Through" option, so families fighting the winter crud. You better believe we're getting drive through soup tomorrow!

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Stephanie said...

What a genius idea your church has! Love it. So sorry you guys have been hit hard this month. Hope things get better from here!