Thursday, March 11, 2010

Magic Goggles

The scene on today's walk/bike ride:

Yes, those are orange safety goggles that have become Owen's favorite accessory. The other night, they magically gave Owen the ability to devour his dinner. It was either the goggles or the privilege of eating with chop sticks. Either way, stir fry (and safety goggles) are going to be on the menu every week for a while.

I just wish the magic goggles would make Josh feel better, too. We're now on day 6 of this nasty, goobery cold. The drooling and hacking seem to be subsiding, so hopefully he's well enough to enter back into the world tomorrow. I can tell he's trying to be such a trooper, but just feels rotten. I couldn't even get a smile out of him today. We would like to quickly replace this sad (but oh, so cute) face:
With this happy kiddo as soon as possible.


Peg said...

Hmmmm....there is a lot of orange in that top photo! Must find purple goggles here in Seattle so as to counter that Oregon State influence clearly going on in Bend!
And...may Joshy get better soon - bleh - silly colds!

Colleen said...

CUTE! I need to get me some of those goggles. And Josh is SOOOOO cute! Look at him sit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alissa, I see a lot of you in Josh - he looks like a mini-you!!!!Love, Aunt Tracey

Cailean said...

Awwwwwww......what a little cutie sitting up! And the goggles YES our boy loves goggles too. In fact he might have those same ones if they came in a kiddo tool kit. It's funniest to see the looks they get when they are out and about with goggles. :)