Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hoarse of Course

A couple additional notes from Josh’s 4 month doctor visit:

Josh was 12 pounds, 1 ounce and 23 ½ inches. Both are right there in the 3-5%, just like Owen. As we have said before: In our family, one size fits all! Though even with same size babies, I’m finding that the clothes I saved from 2 years ago don’t necessarily work the same on Josh. Owen must have been long in the torso, and Josh has long limbs. Any one-piece outfits with feet are a real challenge – he’s already into 6 month sizes of those – but the 0-3 month onesies are still fitting fine. Owen was exactly the opposite. He wore newborn and 3 month pants well into his 6th month. Every baby is different!

We did decide to switch Josh to the Prevacid medicine that Owen was on for his reflux. Our pediatrician (who wants to specialize in pediatric GI – just what we need!), said that our bodies will adjust to the Zantac after a few months, so we need to move him to a different type of medication if he’s still having reflux. On one hand, we feel like his reflux is manageable (but messy). On the other hand, I’m still not able to eat any tomatoes, lemon, oranges, or anything else mildly acidic (I hope I don’t get scurvy!), so he’s clearly still having some challenges. Of course, we still have 60 day supply of Prevacid left over from Owen (which I also took during pregnancy), so we can do a “free test” and find out if the new meds make a difference.

And, following Maxwell’s Law, Josh was feeling great during our doctor visit and then took a nasty turn downhill. He had a really rough weekend – cranky, gassy, gurgling, and not eating well. We ruled out any lasting effects from the vaccines, and can’t think of anything new in my diet, so at this point, it’s just a waiting game. Thankfully, Josh has the sweetest, quietest cry, so the crankiness isn’t giving us a headache, but Josh is totally hoarse. What’s sadder than a crying baby? A crying baby who can’t really make any sound because he’s hoarse. Poor kiddo! We’re surviving the daytime pretty well – Josh is happy in the Moby wrap, taking walks, and being outside – but the nights are brutal. He’s been spitting up, gurgling, snorting, and generally not sleeping more than an hour at a time. Sunday night, Scott and I we both lost count how often we got out of bed, but last night was an improvement – he was ONLY up 6 times! Hooray?

Oh well. If this is the worst Josh has thrown at us, we’re pretty lucky. He’s generally such an agreeable baby, and the lack of sleep just gives me an excuse to stop for a latte on the way to work.


SBM said...

Great post, scurvy woman. :-) Sorry Josh hasn't been feeling his best the past few days, but based on the (decreasing) number of times you had to get up last night, things are looking up:-)

Colleen said...

Oh I feel for you! The nights are always the worst. When Tommy was in his RSV worst I had to take a video of him when he was trying to cry because it was just this little squeak. SO sad! And that came just after his 4 month check-up too...hmmmmm. Hope Josh feels better quickly!

emily said...

it can take a little bit for the prevacid to start working, so he may have been having worse reflux for a few days, which can cause hoarseness too (if you didn't overlap with the ranitidine). hope things are looking up! and that you get some sleep tonight ;)

Baby Slings said...

My kids loved the sling and would promptly settle down if fussy when they were placed in it and more often than not fell quickly to sleep leaving me hands free to tend to our other kids or get a few things done (again, perhaps new moms shouldn’t be focused on chores but someone had to make dinner in my house).