Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Simple Living

Do you read Simple Mom? If not, check out the link on the sidebar or go here:
to check out the new and expanded "Simple Living Media" group. I have been reading Simple Mom for about 2 years since I found out about it from Cailean. The mom that coordinates the site does a wonderful job of providing helpful, down to earth advice, that you actually might have a shot at implementing in your own home. I find her articles inspiring, educational, and thought provoking. Tsh also writes for (in)Courage, which is another amazing site of inspiration. Now, Tsh has launched the Simple Media group and gathered a group of other moms to run sites like Simple Bites (from the gal that writes Under the High Chair!), Simple Kids, Simple Organic, and Simple Homeschool.

To celebrate the launch of all these sites, they're doing some great giveaways (and I'm entering by blogging about their sites). Now, I'm not normally one for entering contests, but the things that Tsh gives away at Simple Mom are simply (get it?) faboulous!

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Cailean said...

Isn't it funny that I actually think I heard about simple mom from you!?!?!? I'm also glad to see she has been able to expand due to so many people appreciating her work!!!