Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red Velvet

My parents were in town for Valentine's Weekend. While I got a ski day in with my dad, my mom snuggled Josh for the morning, and the boys at home surprised me with AMAZING red velvet cupcakes with butter cream frosting. That's a keeper!

Scott and I got a real date night - we shopped for running shoes, had a delicious dinner at Zydeco, and finished with a tour of the candy shop. My mom helped Owen make pockets and valentines for all of us and we added a truck Pez dispenser.

Between the cupcakes and the Pez, Sunday evening showed the effects of a sugar high, but good times were had by all!


Carmen Goetschius said...

How sweet! What lovely parents you have. I am glad you had such a nice date night and that the boys had quality time with their grandparents.

SBM said...

The cupcakes look fantastic! How fun. Sounds like you had a terrific V-day weekend. LOVE the orange smiles pic!

Colleen said...

YUM! Those cupcakes look delish! And that orange pic is PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who was having more fun - Owen, or the grandparents - loved the "oranges" picture!!! Aunt Tracey