Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lead - Lend

Just a quick follow-up to the last post:
At the time I established the "Confidence in Self - Compassion for Others" mantra for Owen, I thought that I would hold that same prayer for each of our children. As it turns out, Josh came with his own prayer. Yes, I want him to have confidence and compassion, but the mantra prayer that runs through my head when I am nursing him at 4 AM is:

Lead by Example - Lend a Hand

I can't wait to see how that plays out in Josh's life.

(Ironically, I find the alliteration in these mantras to be quite annoying, but try as I might to use other words, these are the phrases that are stuck in my head. So be it.)

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Colleen said...

Alliteration or no, they are wonderful mantras!

And Owen will grow out of his phase a bit when he gets a better sense of storyline, such as, yes, Nemo is lost, but does eventually reunite with his dad. Luke gets bothered by stuff like that sometimes too. And our other boys have gone through some of that too, some have grown beyond, but some are more tender hearted. Owen may also just be more sensitive throughout his life too. Which is good as long as you support his emotions (even when they can drive you crazy, because it will!) and help him learn to deal with them in appropriate ways. I think it is wonderful that Owen is showing compassion so early!