Thursday, January 21, 2010

Germ Killers and Happy Pics

Not all of my toddler activities come from a book. Sometimes, I manage to come up with my own ideas. Today's goal was to keep Owen's hands clean in an attempt to keep the sicky germs away from the baby. In addition to making banana bread (gotta wash hands before, during, and after) and allowing Owen to help flush both his and Josh's poops down the toilet (more hand washing), I invented the game of "GERM KILLERS."

The rules are simple: Everyone grab a Lysol Wipe (or 4) and run around the house trying to wipe off as many handles, knobs, doors, and window sills as possible. Clean hands; disinfected surfaces; 20 minutes of fun for an otherwise crabby toddler. That game's a winner. We may play every week.

And, because the theme for the rest of our day was, "Napping is for sissies," here are some recent pictures that are keeping my spirits up.


Peg said...

ooooh - where can I get jammies with frog feet for big girls? Love those! AND...the game is brilliant...AND tell those boys that napping is NOT for sissies. Germ Killer super heroes need to get recharged at nap time - sleep when it is dark does NOT recharge the Germ Killer battery pack. You just tell them that - I have it on good authority!

Colleen said...

Like I said on FB, that is a GREAT game! We have naps are for sissies days too and let me tell you, I need happy pictures to get me through those too! I love the jammie feet too, and Owen looks like he is THOUROUGHLY enjoying that berry concoction!

Trish Parnell said...

Love the idea of making cleaning a game.

Katie said...

Please send Owen on a plane down south!! I could use his extra clean up skills around our house!! When I taught kindergarten I always made clean up a game and you wouldn't believe how it worked! Keep up the great parenting - your children are so lucky to have you and Scott as their mom and dad!