Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Morning

While Wednesday's are a "home" day for me, I normally have a conference call at 11:30 that ends up dictating the schedule for our morning. It just adds a bit of stress knowing that I need to be home, focused, and have Owen well occupied (Sesame Street!) right at the time that he's getting hungry for lunch. But today... meeting cancelled - hooray!

I've been trying to use our Wednesday mornings as a time for Owen and I to spend doing crafts and games at home. Hoping to get him accustomed to spending more time at home instead of out at the park, pool, playgroup, market, etc when baby shows up and we dive into winter. Today, we did the opposite and set out on a morning of little errands. It ended up being such a sweet time for the two of us to just putter around town. We didn't have any time deadlines, so we took our time and I got to really listen and engage Owen's questions along the way.

Sure, by naptime, I was reaching my "toddler threshold" and felt the aggitated voice take over trying to get Owen up the stairs, but Owen kept me in check. "Mommy, we are angry." "I'm sorry bud, I'm not mad, I'm just need a little cooperation." "Okay, mommy you are not mad." And then I got some sweet snuggle time before nap.

I've been lucky to have quite a few of these sweet moments lately and I'm trying to slow down and absorb as much of Owen as I can. Trying to embrace and cherish these last few weeks when I CAN give him my full attention and learn more and more about him along the way. It's as though I'm getting enhanced chances to see the joys of parenting and loving a little person, so that I have some "reserves" to get me through the challenge of another newborn.

Six weeks and counting.


SBM said...

Lovely post, Alyssa. Anatole and I will be home for Thanksgiving. If you are not too tired of visitors, I would love to stop by and see your new wee one. And Owen of course!

Carmen Goetschius said...

This is sweet. I love imagining you and small Owen (with his words of wisdom) traipsing around town together. Glad you have had these moments to slow down and be with this little one as you anticipate the next Maxwell arrival! Love to you from Stockholm!

Colleen said...

Wonderful reminder of cherishing the time we are in now! I need that :).

I remember going to Costco after Ben was born and thinking, how did I ever think running errands was hard with's impossible with two!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for baby boy Maxwell's arrival - hurry up, and get here!!! Love, Aunt Tracey

Cailean said...

It's very wise to make the most use of the time with him. The hardest transition for me was to two kids because I felt so guilty for taking time away from our oldest. I had to keep telling myself I was giving her the gift of a sibling and that she wouldn't remember the time with just me anyway!