Sunday, July 26, 2009

Keeping us Smiling

Conversations with a 2 year old:

Driving down the road, in a silent car...
O: Owen like....dinosaurs!
(Where did that come from??)
Me: Dinosaurs? Where do you play with dinosaurs?
O: Um... Bloom School!
(I always wondered what he thought about back in the carseat. Apparently it's dinosaurs.)

Me: Owen, did you play outside at school today?
O: Um... yeah. Owen play OUTside.
Me: What did you do outside?
O: Watering can.
Me: Oh, what did you do with the watering can?
O: Water plants... strawberries!
(I am THRILLED that Owen was able to carry on this long of a conversation in the car, remembering a activity from the day. I can't wait to hear more about his days... in his own words.)

Me: Here's your milk Owen.
O: Sank you Mommy.
Me: You're welcome.
O: I welcome. I WEL-COME!

Apparently Owen entertained daycare last week by telling everyone "Mommy not in garbage can; Daddy not in garbage can."

One of my favorite moments of the weekend: While out to dinner, Owen decides to climb down from the table...
Me: Where are you going Owen?
O: Um... Vacation.

We also witnessed a small miracle at dinner tonight. Owen ate corn on the cob, pasta, and 5-6 bites of grilled salmon!! To understand the magnitude of this accomplishment, you have to compare to last night's dinner sauce; or last week's lunch of... 1/2 a peach; or his favorite lunch lately...absolutely nothing. As I explained to the doctor last week, it's not that he's a picky eater, it's that he just. does. not. eat. Thankfully, the doctor was emphatic that we have nothing to worry about and he's happy with Owen holding steady at 24.5 pounds (10th percentile). I think the lack of eating is especially frustrating for me because I really enjoy cooking and it wears on me to have meal after meal after meal rejected day in and day out. I remind myself not to take it personally, and try to remember that in 10 years, this kid will be hoovering calories faster than I can stock the fridge. Though I have to admit that as Owen ate bite after bite of salmon (that I marinated and Scott grilled beautifully), I turned to Scott and said, "That just warms my heart."

It's amazing the little things that will bring great joy after you become a parent. =)


Sara said...

Can I go wherever Owen's going?? Love it.

Oh, the food issues. Calla has recently decided to stop drinking any liquids at all out of any kind of container--bottle, sippy cup (multiple varieties), open cup. It's only the hottest week of the year....ARGH. At least she'll eat fruit. There's water in fruit, right?

Carmen Goetschius said...

Fantastic stories!!! Good for Owen! I hope he keeps up the good eating-- at least enough to take pleasure in some of your fabulous cooking.

My favorite part? The "vacation" from the dinner table. Hilarious!!!

Katie said...

Molly Kate weighs almost as much as Owen - she is 22 lbs these days and she is so solid. She is a pretty good eater, although pretty picky - she eats what she likes!

I am proud of Owen for eating such a good dinner. I wouldn't worry too much about him - I have always heard that toddlers eat when they are hungry and their eating habits change daily!! In a few short years you will be blogging about how much growing boys eat!!! You will have to have a stocked fridge with 2 boys - FUN!!

Love reading all about Owen on your blog!! I really hope we can meet him in person one day!

Colleen said...

Toddler conversations are so great! It sounds like he says "outside" just like Luke, with the emphasis on "OUT!" I feel for you on the eating. Although we don't have the luck of the pounds with us. But that's Luke exactly. He just doesn't want to eat...ever! It is a good day when I notice the entire (but tiny) meal I gave him is miraculously consumed!

Angie Lai said...

Alissa- I am finally looking at your blog. Thank you for your comments! It is always nice to know that some of the hilarity and struggle is hilarious and challenging for other people too. Congrats on two years. What a milestone!