Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Big 2

My baby is TWO! It's amazing how much faster the second year has gone compared to the first, and yet I think Owen has grown and changed just as much in the last 12 months. The second year seems to be more about emotional and intellectual growth, compared to the physical accomplishments of that first year. Of course, as we officially enter the "terrible twos" part of me is longing a little bit for that one year old that was too busy learning how to walk to take time to protest every activity, article of clothing, and food that comes up throughout the day!

I could write a whole post about Owen's (lack of) eating habits, but I think I'll save that until after we get his stats from the doctor. Right now, here are the best parts about having a two year old that can express how he feels:

- Hugs and calls of "night, night Mom!" as Scott takes him upstairs for a bath before bed.

- Expressions of pride when things are going well - after a particularly big jump off the sofa, he yells "Good Job Owen!" and looks around to see if we're watching.

- Calls of "Bless you mom" from the back seat of the car when I sneeze.

- OCCASSIONAL use of please and thank you.

- Recalling of stories about recent events. Of course, Owen is a typical boy, so most of the stories have to do with injuries or recent tumbles. "Owen ouchie forthead, Kaden ouchie nose - fall down stairs" has been a favorite since the birthday party incident.

- "I love you Mom." (It's only happened twice unprompted, but those tears really well up fast when those words come from such a little guy.)

- Real excitement about things we're planning to do. When I told Owen we were going on a field trip last Friday, he actually perked up and gasped with joy.

We also got to see this in full force with the birthday presents. We opened presents with all four grandparents the night before Owen's actual birthday. He was so excited and wanted to immediately play with every single item. Can you blame him?

Games and craft supplies from Nana and Papa Boettcher:

A bike helmet and soccer goal from Grandma and Grandpa Maxwell:

Finally, Scott and I got to reveal the present we've been reluctantly hiding in the garage... an orange Strider bike! Hopefully both Owen and baby #2 will get lots of years of use out of this pedal-less bike (and not too many broken bones!) before the real bikes start crusing the cul-de-sac.

There's just something about a boy and his first bike, isn't there...

Cute Note: We had a birthday party for Owen's friend Will last week and have been talking about Owen's birthday since that time. On the morning of Owen's actual birthday, he woke up at 6:15 and we could hear him on the monitor chatting to himself: "Happy Burfday, Happy Burfday Owen, Owen Happy Burfday." He went to bed that night and woke up the next morning with the same discussion.


Cailean said... cute that he was wishing himself a happy birthday!! The year between two and three is big - from toddler to preschooler. You'll hardly recognize him in a year - it's fun! The tantrums are kind of funny too sometimes (and I stress "sometimes"). What a lucky boy to have such a loving home (and a new bike)!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

so... how does that bike work? does he just kinda push himself around on it? i don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I think Owen looks like his Papa Boettcher, at that age (of course, I only remember Kirk from pictures!) Love, Aunt Tracey

SBM said...

Loved this post! I had laugh after laugh reading about Owen's antics and words. What a little character! I love the fact that he says 'Good Job, Owen," after doing something impressive.