Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fish

Happy Halloween!

Kids costumes can be so cute, so creative, and so time consuming and/or expensive for the 2 hours they're going to wear them. Thankfully, with all the kids in Bend, you can get great costumes at the resale stores. We were even luckier to borrow this fantastic fish costume from our friend, Diana. Scott asked if we can just be on Diana's hand-me-down list every year, and I said, "Only until Penelope turns 4 and decides she wants to dress like a princess..."

I now present, Owen the fish:

We met some friends at our outdoor mall to trick-or-treat through the stores. A pumpkin, tiger, german boy (authentic leaderhosen), fish, and purple dinosaur made quite the group strolling from store to store.

The shops were encouraged to hand out things OTHER than candy - stickers, pencils, glow in the dark snakes, etc - so we only got a few pieces. At one point, Owen was checking out a tootsie roll (great texture for teething) and before I knew it, he had eaten the whole thing - including the wrapper! Yum. As expected, the costumes got old after a while, so Owen spent the last 1/2 hour walking around like this...

At leas the hat has ears.


I am Kate Maxwell said...

yay. there's a fish and a chicken in the family. what more could I ask for?

Fawn said...

Oh my gosh, so cute and so funny!

Colleen said...

I love that costume! And the shedding of least you got a picture! Owen and Luke could have made a little school!

emily said...

what adorable little baby legs!

Carmen Goetschius said...

I love Owen the fish! And I love Owen in Autumnal stripes! What a darling little munchkin! Hey-- I am back in the States-- even somewhat near you (Canby, Oregon)! Love to you and your boys!
Love, Carmen