Friday, October 17, 2008


We're still here. We've been a bit out of our normal schedule, but doing really well. I spent 2 days in Florence (Oregon Coast) last week for work, my parents were here last weekend and my mom stayed through the week, Kate got into town last night, and I'm leaving to see Amy and Liz in Portland over the weekend. Fun, fun, fun!

There will be lots to update when I get back!

For now, the best new thing that Owen has picked up is HUGGING! I love it. Last weekend, he loved running back and forth across the room to give mom a hug, dad a hug, mom a hug, dad a hug... over and over. Who are we to say no to hugs? They are the best toddler hugs, too. He wraps his arms around my neck, buries his face in my shoulder, says "ahhhhh," and seems like he'll never let go. I'm happy to embrace every second. Something tells me we won't get the same snuggles when he's 12 and running out the door for soccer practice...

(Owen's hugs also remind me of my time in Siberia. There was a little girl there - probably 2 1/2 - who gave the most amazing hugs. She was selective in her recipients, but if you were chosen, you could have a snuggly Melanie wrapped around your neck for 20 or 30 minutes. I saw a picture a while back of the team still working in that area. Melanie must be middle school age now. Crazy!)

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Phyllis said...

Wonderful toddler hugs!

I'll send you a link to a recent photo of Melanie....