Monday, December 31, 2007

Maxwell Christmas Photos

Here are the pictures from our time with Scott's family. Kate does a great job of capturing everything, so she burned us a CD of a zillion photos. Just four posted here to give you an idea of our time.

Owen enjoyed his lunches in Grandma's High Chair. Carrots and Sweet Potatoes were both big hits.

A rare family photo after brunch with Scott's family. It was fun to see Cousin Chris, since we visited with her in San Diego when I was pregnant.

Opening presents on Christmas Day at the Lake. Shoes from Aunt Kate.

Favorite Toy #2 - the Cement mixer. Owen is still playing with it every day - it won't be long before he's pushing it across the floor.


Shannon said...

The site is looking good. I know a great deal about web design so if you get stuck, let me know. I'm just too lazy to redesign my blogger site.

I'm going to look at my calendar tomorrow for times for lunch next week.

You'll have to let me know about Super Baby Food. I bought it but I'm too busy reading other stuff.

Shawn recommended a book about traveling with babies. I'll have to get the title from her.

Happy New Year! Let's resolve to see each other more often.

Kate said...

well i have to do a good job of capturing things... i might not see the kid until he's about a year old :(