Friday, December 21, 2007

He Provides

After my ranting post the other day, I heard a nice reminder on the radio. The DJ was saying, instead of laying in bed at night worrying (it won't change anything), think about your blessings instead. I leads to a better outlook and a much better night's sleep.

Well, yesterday evening, I got a call from my boss. Our company set aside some $$ to reward people who could work some extra hours in December to help us hit our year-end numbers. Since I'm just a part timer, I only put in a couple extra hours (like maybe 4 over the last three weeks). Anyway, Russ was calling to thank me for doing my part and let me know that my "thank you" check was in the mail. I figured it would be $50-$100, but no. It's basically the exact amount of the vet bill I had to pay the other day. I nearly fell on the floor. Hurray! A weight lifted and the reminder I needed - He provides.

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