Friday, November 30, 2007

Work More = Less Stress??

Is it possible that working more hours in the office could reduce my stress level? Two weeks ago, I switched my schedule from alternating days in the office and at home. Now, I’m working 3 days in the office and then just a couple hours at home on Thursdays. It's reduced my stress level quite a bit because:
- I know I'm getting my work done and not trying to lug my files and laptop back and forth every day.
- I’m leaving the office a half hour earlier on the days I do work, so I’m racing to get to daycare on time.

- We LOVE our daycare, so it doesn't worry me that Owen’s spending a bit more time there. In some ways, I feel the interaction with other kids may be good for him.

- When I’m home with Owen, he gets to be my focus. On Thursdays, I can get my work done during his naps.

It seems to work for us to settle into our work routine for 3 days at a time and then enjoy 4 days at home. I really feel for those moms that have to work full time or don’t have a flexible employer. How do they do it? No matter how you look at it, being a working mom is HARD.


Kimmy said...

I'm glad you were able to find a schedule that works for you. It's nice that you have that flexibility. I do think it is nice for babies to get to be around other kids.

Colleen said...

I think it is harder to do every other day stuff too. It is great that you are making it work! And so nice that you love your daycare, I am so sad for the kids of those who have to settle for what they can afford.

Staci said...

I hear ya on the working more = less stress thing. Granted, I only have to take care of myself, but knowing that all is resolved at work makes things much easier to focus on at home.

Cailean said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! It was great to hear from you! Your little boy is adorable. Aren't they just so cute to watch grow up and see them learn about life. :) That's so great that you've found what works for you with your job! A good daycare is hard to find so that's great you love yours!

Jennifer said...

I was talking to mom about this, working and having kids... you are definitely an inspiration! Mom was saying how different and easier it was back when we were all growing up to not have to work while raising kids. It is great to hear that you have found a rountine that fits your busy life!