Sunday, November 11, 2012

Josh Turned 3

Josh had a much awaited 3rd birthday.  For months (since Owen's birthday in July), he had following every mention of "birthday" with - "My Birthday's October!" I don't think he really understood what that birthday would mean, but he was excited anyway.  We didn't do a friend party, but we did have plans for a full weekend of family visiting to help with the celebration. Nana & Papa, G'ma & G'pa, Ryan/Sara/Calla were all on hand for a Pirate Birthday Party. (You might notice a recycled theme from Owen's summer birthday, but since the boys were still on the pirate kick... why not?!)

Nana heard about our party theme and brought tattoos for the boys. They insisted that everyone apply a tattoo for admission to the party. I'm sure papa's patients got a kick out of a dentist with a pirate on his arm that week. 

Auntie Sara's new accessory fit right in with the theme...
Josh decided to on his own that his newly acquired halloween costume would make for an extra festive party. I have to agree.

Three blondies  playing with new birthday toys. 

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