Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas 2

Christmas is one of those days that lasts forever... in the best way!  After filling our "sleigh" with freshly opened gifts, we joined what seemed to be an unusually large number of holiday travelers heading north out of Seattle. We arrived at the lake to happy, smiling faces... happy to see us, and happy that the power had clicked on minutes earlier, making Christmas Dinner a much more likely occurrence!

Before we could unload the car, Owen was lost to Grandma's play room. We experienced a "Christmas Miracle!" with him and Calla playing nicely together without adult supervision.

 Presents for the kids before dinner... more Pirates!
Calla opened an assortment of imaginative play items - cleaning supplies, tool box, and this shopping cart that probably made 100 laps around the house. She was in great spirits and it was fun to spend some auntie time playing our own version of Uno Moo.
Josh came down with a nasty Christmas Cough and spent the day mostly in my lap with mouth clamped shut.

We convinced Conrad that those that give gifts with small parts are responsible for helping put them together. =) Thankfully, he was happy to help. These two spent at least an hour diligently working. Probably my favorite Christmas moment to observe the generations working together...
...and see that they were still all smiles at the end!

After getting the (exhausted!) kids down for the night, we shared our adult gift exchange. Everyone seemed thrilled with their gifts, with good laughs, and stories all around.

The kids snuck in some gingerbread house decorating before Ryan & Sara headed home and we got to relax at the lake for a day of decompression.  The kids got some quality Aunt Kate time before she heads back to Alaska and Scott and I were introduced us to Settlers of Catan, which may prove fatal to any chance of remaining evening productivity...

We capped off our Christmas travels with at 12 hour trip home.  This time, not due to weather, but our many stops - rest areas, Portland houses, kids new child care, outlet malls, "um, I guess I do need to pee" stops on the side of the road, slow pizza dinner, and then driving rain over the pass. Four weary travelers happy to be home in our own beds and marveling that it may have been the last time we make that long drive for the holidays.  A 4 hour jaunt up from Portland next year is sounding pretty easy!


I am Kate Maxwell said...

that pic of mom is amazing. and I'm glad the kids got in Aunt Kate time before I headed back north :)

Colleen said...

What great Christmases! It's so fun to stretch out the holiday!