Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Early March Review

The month of March isn't over, but it's already been a FULL month of unusual events and happenings. Busy enough that I haven't sat down to

First, the normal. Swim lessons for both boys. Owen finally made some strides with his swimming, started putting his head under and with floating and kicking, and "graduated" out of Level 1. Josh, on the other hand, was not such a fan. Recovering from illness + low body fat = too cold and cranky for 45 minutest in the pool. Owen gets to continue this spring and summer; Josh will wait for fall.

Then, the unusual:
My mom decided to spend three weeks in Bend, enjoying our crazy March weather. We love having her here, and this extended visit proved extremely timely because...

Josh spent the month teething on SIX teeth at the same time and kicked off the month with a five day fever that kept him out of school for a whole week. A week that he spent with Nana. A week that I spent frantically preparing for...

A four-day work trip through Eastern Washington conducting training for municipal maintenance workers. That's my longest work trip since the boys were born. And I followed it up by getting in the car 3 days later for another overnight work trip to Portland. I am SOOO glad my job doesn't involve regular travel. It was a crazy-busy week, but everything went smoothly at home because...

Scott's mom made her annual March visit to help with the boys while I was out of town. She also stuck around through the weekend and caught a couple pictures of Scott and I running a 5K. It was the first either of us had really run in months (or maybe years in Scott's case!), but we still finished faster than I ran last June. Next up comes training for my next half marathon at the end of June.

My mom helped out with the boys again as well. Then my dad flew into town and we all donned our green to celebrate... My Birthday!

All these grandparent visits also allowed Scott and I several nights "on the town," including celebrating my birthday at the Deschutes Brewery's "Chocolate and Beer" dinner. Divine!

And, it wouldn't be March without a little Madness. Our Huskies managed two games with enough drama to keep us watching, but not enough points to make the Sweet Sixteen.

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Stephanie said...

Great pics! Sounds like a fun if crazy month. Is it wrong that every time I see a pic of your Dad I feel the urge to go brush my teeth??? ;)