Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Seattle Pics

My mom sent us a few pics from the boys' week in Seattle. It was a fun way to get a glimpse of their activities while we were away.
Making cheesecake in preparation for a tea party.
Enjoying the tea party with Nancy and Deanna - the boys were spoiled with two "bonus Nanas" for the afternoon.
Hey look - Uncle Todd is holding a baby!
I guess when you're focusing hard on building legos, you can't be bothered to put on clothes.
Pretty obvious that Josh was starting to do downhill. It's been a lot of years since Nana and Papa have had to deal with a sicky baby...
...but Nana still had some tricks up her sleeve to get a smile on his face!


I am Kate Maxwell said...

That picture of Papa and sick Josh is amazing. At least some good game out of Josharoo not feeling great.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures of Kirk and Sue - so happy to see them - this time next week, they will be HERE - don't worry, I'll let them visit with my grandbabies so they won't miss Owen and Josh too much - ha!! Patrick's excited to see Uncle Kirk and Aunt Sue - it's been 5 years since Katie's wedding!!! Chad will just grin when he sees them, and Katie will be like the Ostenson girls - she'll talk a mile a minute and fill them in on all the gossip!!! Are ya'll coming in 2012 for the LSU/Huskies game - put it on your calendar now!!! Love you, Aunt Tracey

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh - naked legos is a regular activity around here too. Who knew?

SBM said...

Great photos! Your parents look like they came straight out of a magazine - they're really good looking!

Cailean said...

That's so great! They have wonderful grandparents. Man, your parents have not aged A BIT!!!! :)