Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Josh at 7 Months

I think babies start showing their full personality around 7 months and Josh is no exception.

Josh loves watching the activity around him and mimics the emotions he sees. If Owen is sad, Josh looks concerned. If Owen and Scott are wrestling, Josh squeals with delight and laughs deep belly laughs.

Sophie the giraffe is still a cherished possession. Never leave home without her!

Josh is a sensory baby - any interesting textures capture his attention - water, sand, grass, paint. He's having a blast at daycare and I can't wait to watch him explore all the world has to offer this summer!

His cries are so quiet - if we didn't have a baby monitor, we wouldn't even hear him in the next room. Josh is just starting to find his voice and figure out how to yell.

Josh loves his baths.

Josh didn't like the long car ride to the beach. It almost seems like the car seat makes him feel ill, and I can't blame him. I would be a mess if I had to ride backward staring at a solid seat back for any length of time.

In the last month, Josh has finally settled into a predictable feeding and sleep routine - 2 naps a day (and the afternoon nap usually overlaps with Owen's!) and two feedings at night. If we get through the night with just the two wake ups for feedings, it's a great success. Our attempt to drop him down to one night feeding was pretty much a disaster.

Still no teeth, but we keep thinking they are coming soon.

Josh still prefers nursing over all other forms of food and shows no signs of dropping any feedings. He's eating a few bites of puree - carrots and blueberry-banana are the only real successes, but our freezer is full of various fruit and vegetable combinations. Just this week, we gave him a shot at cheerios and in 3 days he's almost figured out how to pick them up. I think he might go straight to table foods.

Josh is growing hair. For some reason, I was surprised to see his hair growing in strawberry blond (the exact color that Owen's was). I guess because he was darker complected at birth, I was expecting him to have dark hair.

In the last week, Josh mastered rolling from front to back and is really working on the back to front motion. It's amazing to see how much more he is twisting and wiggling EVERY DAY! It's like the light clicked and he's now motivated to make movement happen. Now that we have him out of the swaddle, Josh actually gets his best twisting in while he's settling in to sleep.

Josh LOVED the beach - but I'll post about that separately.

Josh is the sweetest soul of a baby. I cherish our snuggle time when he's wrapped up after baths or as he drifts off to sleep. In those moments, I just sense that Josh has a beautiful, tender heart that is going to surprise us and bring great joy to those around him as he grows. We love you sweet Josharoo!


I am Kate Maxwell said...

I'm so excited to see Josharoo soon!

Emily said...

It is so fun to get a preview of where Joey will be in just a few months! I know I've already had a baby, but I forget all the fun stuff! Thanks for the update!

SBM said...

What a sweet tribute for Josh's 7 month milestone!

Colleen said...

Josh sure sounds like a wonderful baby. I am glad he's got sleeping down a bit better for you. Zach went straight to table foods, never liked purees much! And I've always loved your hair color, your boys are lucky to get it from you!!!