Sunday, May 09, 2010

I'll be Watching You

Every feel like you're being stalked? We are. Owen is on alert every waking minute keeping track of what Scott and I are doing, wearing, and saying. He can be playing completely in his own little world and still catch the whole conversation Scott and I are having in the other room. Our first indication that he was listening more than we thought occurred right before Josh was born. We had been making arrangements for Owen to go stay at Lily's house when I went into labor, or for Alisha to come spend the night with Owen if it was a night time event. We had yet to talk with Owen about it, but one day we were driving in the car and Owen told me, "Mom, one day I will go play at Lily's house after school." I naively thought he had given me a great lead in to talk about our arrangements, so I said, "Oh, that's a good idea. How about when the baby is born, you can go play at Lily's house?" and Owen responded, "Yea. Or Lily's mommy will come play at OUR house." Thus ended our ability to talk about anything without Owen knowing exactly what was up.

Owen is also quick to point out any change in our clothing, appearance, or activity. "Mom, did you take a shower?" "Daddy, did you cut your whiskers?" "Mommy, why are you not wearing any socks?" "Daddy, where is your jacket?" Nothing gets past this kid.

He's recently taken a great interest in taking pictures with our camera to document his view of the world. Some recent gems:

I suppose the observations will only get worse in a couple years, as Josh is quite the watcher, too. We actually worry a bit that he doesn't have a good blinking reflex because he can stare at you, wide-eyed, unflinching even as you wave a hand in front of his face. I suppose it's time to pick-up our game, start spelling words, and find some better hiding spots for gifts!

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