Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tonight's Conversation

Owen has figured out that his mom and dad have names other than mom, mommy, mama, dad, or daddy, but he still has a bit of learning to do. Tonight's conversation:

O: I Owen Macsou.
A: That's right. What's my name?
O: Um.... Lissa!
A: What's daddy's name?
O: Sott!
A: That's right. Daddy's name is Scott Maxwell.
O: Nooo.
A: Yes, and mommy's name is Alissa Maxwell.
O: Nooo (very insistent). Daddy, mommy NOT Macsou. I Owen Macsou. Daddy only Sott.

We went around and around for quite a while on that, but Owen is insistent that he is the only Maxwell in the family. He's going to have a rude awakening when he figures out that there's a whole extended family (and a few zillion other people) claiming our common last name.


SBM said...

Oh how I love these Owen-isms! With three lanugages, it's going to be some time before we hear this kind of talk in our house so for now I'm getting my laughs from Owen Macsou!

Colleen said...

So funny, and the Spidey post is great! You will find that the best loved toys are the cheapest. I love this age so much and Owen is the epitome of two!

Phyllis said...

So funny! It makes me remember Jaan at that stage. He was the opposite, though: he thought everyone should have the same last name as us. He asked me if God is God Hunsucker! :-)