Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We had a wonderfully low key Father's Day. Scott requested some "guy time" to get out Mountain Biking on Saturday and then we had a family day on Sunday. I got up with Owen and we made the made the coffee, started the breakfast scramble, and decorated cards for Scott. All the while, I was telling Owen we were being sneaky, which makes him scrunch is face up, wiggle his hands, and squeal "sneee-keee!" It's kind of evil genius, but so cute on a 2 year old.

Scott got to sleep in a bed and then be ambushed with the early morning picture (though he looks pretty good for just out of bed) while Owen helped him open cards and mountain biking gifts.

We puttered around our morning and then hit the Summer Sunday Concert in the park for some wonderful funk/soul music and wrestling on the lawn. We can't wait for the weather to be warmer, so we can bask in the sun (instead of bundling up against the wind) on these free family outings.

It was a great Family Father's Day and hard to imagine that this is only the second year for this holiday around our house. Owen is blessed to have such an involved, attentive Dad. The two of them light up when they are around each other. I'm blessed to have a partner that actively shares the parenting role every step of the way, from inventing the "super swaddle" for our colicky baby and absorbing gallons of spit-up in those early months to wrestling, working in the garage, and doing all things BOY with our active toddler. I love you, babe!

This picture is from our recent visit to Bend Airport Day, which deserves a post to itself, but I wanted to show off my two favorite guys..


Anonymous said...

I'll trade weather with you - I wanta to bundle up - it is and has been in the high 90's to 100 here - way, way, way, too hot!!! Love you, Aunt Tracey

Cailean said...

Oh that is the cutest little sneaky face!!! How could you resist such a cutie!!!