Friday, September 26, 2008

Unfair Battle?

One of Owen's favorite activities remains wrestling with Cisco the Cat. Cisco remains somewhat intrigued by the menacing toddler who shrieks and laughs while following him around our living room. Cisco is also decently tolerant when he gets pushed to the ground and smothered with snot and slobber. However, it seems that Cisco is growing a bit leering of the whole interaction and it may have something to do with the growing weight difference...

Or the fact that Owen can now follow him into his old hiding places - like the dog bed. Cisco is still safe up on the arms of the couch, but I don't think that's going to last long.

It just doesn't seem like a fair fight...but it sure is fun to watch. =)

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Toys that move are so much fun! And man, oh man, does Owen look like a little boy version of his mommy or what?!