Saturday, August 09, 2008

Scott Turned 30!

Scott finally caught up to to me and we celebrated his 30th birthday. Since it was a Thursday, we had a little family outing to Munch and Music - a weekly free concert in the park downtown with lots of yummy food vendors. Owen seems to love these community events. So many people to watch and places to explore. It was a fun treat for us to have a family evening "out" during the week.

Happy Birthday Scott! Last year we celebrated his birthday with a take out pizza, a couple brave friends, and a tiny, tiny baby. What a year it's been! Here's hoping to another decade filled with new adventures.

This year, we celebrated with a legitimate party on the deck. We had yummy food, great company, brownies and ice cream, and even a Keg. You can imagine what was Owen's favorite part - shiny, just his height, and sitting in a bucket of ice and water. You can't pose these pictures...


Jenny said...

As you are going to leave the crazy Coug comments to your mom- I decided the same about the Husky comments to my dad. I saw that keg and I just had to laugh- I tried to think of something cleaver but I will be patient and let dad do the honors :)
Owen is getting such a personality, it definitely shows in the pictures; such a cute.

go cougs said...

WOW...You start them early down there. Opie might start at the UW but have to graduate from WSU to be able to handle that kind of keg. Happy 30th Scott!!!